Our story : Revive the lost art of tailoring.

As slow fashion fades into the background amid the fast and cheap fashion scene in Singapore. With an array of eStores offering clothings at a dollar, slow fashion is a dying art. Having a select pieces made of luxurious fabrics and quality craftmanship is no longer sought after.

MaisonNX was created to revive the lost art of tailoring as well as to bridge the gap between patrons and bespoke tailors. Patron are who are looking for sustainable fashion made of quality fabrics and craftmanship. Tailored pieces bring back the excitement of delayed gratification, with fast fashion, the satisfaction of clothing piece no longer last as long as they used to,

Catering to those looking for quality and lasting clothing, MaisonNX offers a selected range of designs and a wide array of Liberty prints to choose from. MaisonNX’s tailors are also very experienced in handling delicate and high-end fabric.